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Product name : Agar-Agar
Item :
Details :

Product name: AGAR AGAR

CAS No. 9002-18-0

HS CODE :13023100 

Molecular weight:  14,184    

Molecular formula:C12H18O9)n

Characters:white to yellowish powder

Use:In food industry
Gelation, stabilization: Candy, Jelly, Rice cake, Canned food, Ham and Sausage. Thickening, stabilization: Jam, Peanut butter, Sesame jam.
Stabilization: Ice cream, water ice ,Suspension, dispersion, stabilization: Fruit juice, beverage. 


Standard Specifications : FCCVII

Packaging:Drum or Paper bag with PE liner.

Storage:Avoid wet, don’t save up and traffic with poison.


We can supply AGAR AGAR with high quality and different standards(BP,USP etc) acc.to the customer's requirements.

For details,please check the specification of AGAR AGAR  here.


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